Wednesday, 20 April 2016


(i)  What type of land Arabia is?
Ans. Arabia is a land of unparalleled charm and beauty, with its trackless deserts of sand dunes in the dazzling rays of a tropical sun. It has a desert climate with extremely high day-time temperature and a sharp temperature drop at night. 
(ii) Where is Makkah situated?
Ans. Makkah is the holiest city of Islam in the Hejaz in Saudia Arabia. It is situated about fifty miles from the Red Sea. It is located 70 km inland from Jeddah in a narrow valley at a height of 277 m above the sea level. 
(iii) What type of competition was held at Ukaz?
Ans. Every year a fair was held for poetical competitions at Ukaz; a few miles towards the desert from Taif, on the high east plateau of Makkah. The poetic form set for the competition was the qasidah, an ode. 
(iv) Why was the Holy Quran sent in Arabic?
Ans. The Holy Quran was sent in Arabic because the Arabs had great love for their national language, Arabic. Moreover, Arabic is the best language in terms of being easy to understand. It is the most phonetic language because there are only four vowels in it. 
(v) For which ability were the Arabs famous?
Ans. Before the promulgation of Islam, the Arabs were famous for two things; remarkable memory and eloquence. The memory and the art of using language with fluency and aptness found expression in their poetry. 
(vi)  What was the condition of mankind before the Holy Prophet (SAW)?
Ans. Mankind stood on the verge of chaos before the Holy Prophet (SAW). There was injustice, unfairness, violence, bloodshed, wars, and struggles between the humans. It seemed that the civilization which had taken four thousand years to grow had started crumbling. 
(vii) Why did the Holy Prophet (SAW) stay in the cave of Hira?
Ans. When Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was thirty-eight years of age, he spent most of his time in solitude and meditation. In the cave of Hira, he used to retire with food and water and spend days and weeks in remembrance of Allah Almighty. 
(viii) What was the first revelation?
Ans. The first revelation was; "Read in the name of thy Lord Who created; created man from a clot (of congealed blood): Read and thy Lord is most Bountiful, Who taught (the use of) the pen, taught man that which he knew not." (Qur'an, 96:1-5)
(ix) Why did the pagan Arabs threaten the Holy Prophet's (SAW) uncle?
Ans. The pagan Arabs were in power. The Holy Prophet's (SAW) belief was threatening their dominance in the society. So they threatened the Holy Prophet's (SAW) uncle, Abu Talib to restrain the Holy Prophet (SAW) from preaching Allah Almighty's message, or face their enmity.
(x) What did Hazrat Ayesha (RA) say about the life of the Holy Prophet (SAW)?
Ans. Hazrat Ayesha (RA) was the daughter of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (RA) and the wife of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). In reply to a question about the life of the Holy Prophet (SAW), Hazrat Ayesha (RA) said: "His morals and character are an embodiment of the Holy Quran."

Monday, 4 April 2016


Examination Hall,
A.B.C. (City)
March 20, 2017

Dear Friend,
     Though our relationship is a perennial bond of intimate relation yet whenever I get any bad news from you, my sorrow knows no bounds. It makes my heart bleed. I am extremely shocked to know that you have been deprived from your beloved mother forever. 
     Your mother was a very kind, noble and God-fearing lady. She has saintly qualities and sweet manners. I had special attachment to her. She loved me as her own son. I will never forget her words, "Hard work and perseverance is a key to success."
     Sooner or later everyone has to die. No one can escape from the cruel jaws of death. The laws of nature are absolute. We have to bow before them. I wonder if my words of sympathy can dry your tears and lessen your grief. Nothing but time can soother your sorrow. Have patience and bear this loss with courage. May her soul rest in peace!
I hope to see you very soon.  

Yours truly,

Thursday, 31 March 2016


2. Write a letter to your father asking him about the health of your mother. 

Examination Hall,
A.B.C. (City)
March 20, 2017

Dear Father,
     Though our relationship is a perennial bond of intimate relation yet whenever I get any bad news from you, my sorrow knows no bounds. It makes my heart bleed. I received your letter yesterday. I am really worried to know that mother is suffering from high blood pressure. 
     I want to be at home at this hour of need. But I am badly held up because of my final exams. I will visit as soon as my exams are over. However, I will always pray to Allah Almighty for her perfect health after every prayer. "Wa iza mariztu fahuwa yashfeen."
     I hope that she is taking precautionary measures to bring it to normal. Please bring her to a cardiologist. Also ask her to take her medicines regularly, avoid excessive salt intake and eat fresh fruits. Finally, inform me about her present condition as early as possible. 
Anxiously waiting for your reply. 

Yours affectionately, 

Wednesday, 30 March 2016


2. Write a letter to your sister congratulating her on her success in the exams. 

Examination Hall,
A.B.C. (City)
March 20, 2017

Dear Sister,
     Though our relationship is a perennial bond of intimate relation yet whenever I get any good news from you, my joy knows no bounds. It gives me a heart-winning fragrance. I received your letter yesterday. I am glad to know that you have stood first in your class. 
     Marks are never good or bad, these are always better or worse. No doubt, you have secured distinction in all the subjects of class 9. However, you need to burn more midnight oil next year for the competition will be quite hard. I believe you will translate the dreams of your parents and teachers. 
     I owe you a very special gift which is a token of my love for you. I will reach home this Sunday and give this gift to you personally. Moreover, to celebrate your brilliant success, I will give a grand treat to my family, your teachers and friends on your behalf. 
Pay my regards to all at home.

Yours affectionately,