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2.    Answer any five of the following questions:

    i . What are the main causes of traffic accidents?
    ii. What happened when the prince went back to the forest ?
    iii. Why should women work ?
    iv. Why are children  happy on New Year Day?
    v. What is meant by extra-curricular activities?
    vi.What did Abou Bin Adhem ask the angel?
    vii. In what fields have the Muslim scholars made great contributions?

                                  SECTION - II
3.    Translate the following paragraph into Urdu :
                 Before Islam, Arab used force to settle their disputes. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) introduced judicial procedure to check cruelty and injustice.Judges were appointed to settle the individual or party matters.In shot, laws were made for the promotion of an idial family and social set up.
Alternate Question for foreign candidates only

3. Rewrite the above paragraph in simple English.
4. Write down the summary of the poem Litlle Things by Julia Carney

Paraphrase the following stanza in simple English,
        Yet,of the dark,I have no fear,
        But feel as safe as when it's light;
        For I know God is with me there,
        And He will guard me through the Night.

5. Use any five of the following words or idioms in your own sentences.
inhabitants, compartment, specific, run over. convey , amazement , urban wooden.

6. Write a letter to your sister congratulating her on her success in the examination.
    Write a story with the moral Look before You Leap.
    Write a dialogue concerning  A Tailer and a Customer.

7. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given at the end :

             Musa was in chief command and the gates were in his charge.They had been barred when the Christians came in view : But Musa threw them open ."Our bodies", he said ."will bar the gates".The young men were kindled by such words, and when he told them, "We have nothing to fight for but the ground we stand on ; adn without that we are without home or country", they were ready to die with him. With such a leader, the Moorish cavaliers performed feats of bravery in the plain which divided camp from the city .

Questions :-

i. When were the gates barred?
ii. Who threw them open?
iii. What did Musa say ?
iv. What effect had his words on the young men.
v. What divided the city from the camp?

8. Write ten sentences about "A Picnic"

9. Change the voice of the following .

i . The board has given me a gold medal.
ii. The mother loves the children.
iii. They are buying this house.
iv.The teacher was helping the students.

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