Saturday, 26 March 2016


1.(a) Fill in the blanks with suitable forms of verb :
i . She ...... since this morning. (sleep)
ii. It ...... to rain an hour ago. (begin)
iii. The Baby ........... for milk now .(cry)
iv . He ......... to school every day. (go)
v . It ...... at present. (rain)
(b) Complete the following words by providing missing letters:
(i) re-eive         (ii) ex-editions.     (iii) a-ailable
(iv) bri-ery        (v) e-uality
(c) Tick the correct sentence :
I   (a) Their car were selling they.
    (b)    Car were selling they their
    (c)They were selling their car.
    (d)Their car selling were they.

ii  (a)Our team the match won.
    (b)the match won our team.
    (c)Won the match team our.
    (d)Our team won the match.

iii  (a)A prize am given I.
      (b)I am given a prize.
      (c)Given am I prize a.
      (d)Am given prize a I.

iv.  (a) Who was given certificate?
      (b)Certificate was given who ?
      (c)Who given was certificate ?
      (d)who was given certificate?

v.   (a) The watch lost was somewhere.
      (b)The watch was lost somewhere.
      (c)Somewhere watch was lost the.
      (d)The watch somewhere lost was.

(D) Read the following sentences carefully and write true or false in the box against each sentence :
I.  God rules the stars and sea.
II. Hazrat Abdullah (RA) was allowed to show off his wealth.
III. The Muslims follow the solar calendar.
IV. Nurses cannot fly aeroplanes.

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