Friday, 28 October 2016



1. Use the following idioms in your own sentences.
(i) Bear fruit: Your efforts will surely bear fruit.
(ii) Fall a prey: Some students fall a prey to drugs due to bad company.
(iii) Keep an eye: Media keeps an eye on every segment of the society.
(iv) Make up mind: I have made up my mind to become a doctor. 
(v) Lay down life: Patriots are always ready to lay down their lives for their country.
(vi) At stake: The life of a driver is always at stake. 
(vii) Ill at ease: I feel ill at ease about the interview.
(viii) Second to none: The army of Pakistan is second to none. 
(ix) Man in the street: Politician rarely care what the man in the street thinks. 
(x) Bits and pieces: After the accident, there were bits and pieces of the wreckage spread all over the road. 
2. Use the following phrasal verbs in your own sentences. (up, down, on, of)
(i) Gear up: All the students were geared up for exams. 
(ii) Keep up: We should keep up our morale in all circumstances. 
(iii) Set up: The Holy Prophet (SAW) set up a noble conception of life. 
(iv) Sum up: I summed up the teacher's lecture in three sentences. 
(v) Bring down: Our government is trying to bring down the level of unemployment. 
(vi) Switch on: The first thing we do soon after entering the house is to switch on the television.
(vii) Accuse of: Aslam was accused of robbery. 
(viii) Afraid of: After Zeeshan was robbed, he was even afraid of his own shadow.
(ix) Aware of: People are becoming far more aware of environmental issues.
(x) Fall of: My interest in school fell off when I became sixteen. 
3. Use the following phrasal verbs in your own sentences. (for, to, out, into, at, away, upon, through)
(i) Send for: Knowing he was extremely ill, we sent for the doctor.
(ii) Taste for: I have no taste for music.
(iii) Next to: I live next to a bank. 
(iv) Find out: We found out that our next door neighbour is going to sell his house. 
(v) Wipe out: The entire crew was wiped out in the place crash. 
(vi) Compress into: I cannot compress any more clothing into the suitcase. 
(vii) aim at: This new program aims at raising awareness about privacy issues. 
(viii) Give away: Hazrat Asma (RA) gave away all the money to the poor and the needy. 
(ix) Act upon: We should act upon the advice of our elders. 
(x) Pass through: When two galaxies collide, they actually pass through each other. 

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